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Sourcing & Partnerships

About Our Beef:

We source only 100% U.S. beef direct from farming cooperatives with zero reliance on medicine, chemicals, or other growth hormones. Unlike high-volume livestock operations, we form only true partnerships held securely in place by values and a shared commitment – to never produce poor-quality, nutrient deficient food. All of our partnering ranches care about the nourishment, health, and well-being of their herds. Like our customers, our animals are accommodated and cared for. Careful steps are taken to ensure a healthy, ethical, and sustainable process that starts right on the ranch. No chemicals or additives means we give you the true benefits of grass-fed, grass-finished beef. Every USDA-inspected product is crafted with the promise that you and your family can buy and enjoy with confidence. Guaranteed.

Partnerships: Our Cattle

GRASS FED / GRASS FINISHED – every beef product is sourced directly from the wide-open fields of Idaho and Wyoming. The journey that brings our pasture-raised, Black Angus beef cattle to your doorstep starts with C BAR C Ranch. Here, every day is spent improving the natural environment of each herd. This ensures that our beef is only selected after the highest standards of quality control, selective mating, and close attention to genetic factors which come to determine structure, muscle, and longevity of happy, healthy cattle. Our commitment is to breeding and producing the absolute best cattle possible: humane practices, rancher values, regenerative agriculture, and total transparency of our operations.

Sourcing: From Farm to Doorstep

RAISING THE BAR – our farmers and cooperatives live and work the land based upon the same standards that have been kept true for generations on our own Brooks family ranches. The most enjoyable part of our story as a company? Sharing the integrity of these practices with our happy customers. Whether they be bodybuilders, chefs, foodies, artisans, or the average household – we expect only the finest, most flavorful meats to arrive from us at your door. All of our friends at smaller farms are using humane, all-natural methods, and raising every single animal with our collective Golden Rule: no antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, animal by-products, chemical additives, or growth stimulators – EVER.

Processing: All Meats

STRAIGHT FROM THE FARM – our goal is to connect you with locally sourced, all natural farmers market meats. In order to achieve this, our partners at Jones Meats (Rigby, ID) ensure that we’re able to process and transport healthier chicken & pork products to countless happy customers here in Las Vegas. Look no further for wholesome, USDA-certified, federally-inspected products – let us do the honor of restoring confidence, security, and safety back into the processes by which meat is brought to you, the consumer. Unlike the larger facilities who receive mass shipments from all over the country and (more commonly, now) abroad, we’re going the extra mile to bring local, sustainable practices to our Vegas community.