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Our Story

We here at Black Diamond Beef have set out to provide our customers with the highest quality, sustainable, farm fresh meats. Through our products, we invite customers into our mission to put honesty and integrity back into the food at our dinner table. We place value on the earth and the economy in equal measure, as part of our promise to bring you access to only the most humane, transparent, and responsible livestock raising systems. They represent the heart and soul of our family ranch – a guiding compass that has helped us preserve our traditions across multiple generations. To our valued customers, our goal is to always be much more than just a consumer meat company. Whether online, or in-person, you can rely on Black Diamond Beef to be your personal liaison – between quality ranchers, family farms, and cooperatives.

Every product is personally delivered from farm to doorstep, by one of our staff. Remember that you have a choice about what you’re feeding your family. We will never mislead you about our meat and encourage you to check out our resources about the benefits of grass fed grass finished beef.