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Got Questions? We've got answers! Get in touch with us today to get same-day delivery for all meat purchases, and enjoy the direct-to-consumer way of eating. Experience the taste of healthy, natural meat available for you to purchase directly from the farm! Start eating right tonight!

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We operate right here out of southern Nevada, as a fully-mobile distributor and delivery service of healthy meats. We also operate out of our kitchen space at Artisanal Foods where you can find our products at our physical retail outlet!

All of our meats are responsibly raised on farming cooperatives in Idaho and Wyoming. For more info on sourcing, visit here.

During USDA processing, all of our meats are cut and packaged and immediately frozen at -10 degrees. This is the best way to preserve nutrients concentrated in the cell walls in the meat, and ensures that texture and moisture remains in the cells. The result is safe, flavorful, juicy meat that comes to you vacuum-sealed so you can see the quality of the product. It also prevents contamination from environmental bacteria during transportation and storage. Unlike much of the refrigerated meat sold in stores that has been previously frozen and thawed, our products have a longer shelf life (a year or more) when stored at 0 degrees in the comfort of your home freezer. A flash frozen steak will thaw more quickly than conventionally-frozen meat - while looking, feeling, and tasting just as it did before being frozen - with texture, flavor, and nutrients that always retain farm-fresh quality.

Absolutely. We supply exclusively grass-finished beef, meaning our hand-selected cattle eat nothing but grass and forage for their entire lives. This extra step takes the quality of meat one step further above grass-fed meat - which means the cows started on a grass diet but have either received supplemental grain feed or are finished on a fully grain-based diet. See more, here.

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