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Welcome to Black Diamond Beef | Las Vegas's Best Meat Vendor!

Looking for a place to get naturally-raised, chemical-free food? Purchase your meat from local farmers who care about their animals! Black Diamond Beef Co in Las Vegas, NV, offers the highest-quality meats from farms that let animals enjoy natural lives. These environments create healthier, more delicious food for you. From our hormone-free, grass-fed beef, to our all-natural raised chicken, you'll find a huge range of meat that tastes good and is good for you!

These days, we're more concerned about the quality of food available, that's why Black Diamond Beef offers only high-quality, farm-raised meat. All of our meat comes from thriving American farms! You can select Wyoming raised chicken, Idaho-raised heritage pork, or wild-caught Alaskan salmon packs! For the best taste and nutrition, we offer meat from animals that roam freely in nature, eat local plants and insects, and exercise their muscles freely. All of these things are essential to flavor and the animals' overall health.

Our delicious food products are available to the public and can be easily purchased on our website. Head on over to our products page and place order today on the online store! Customers can get same-day delivery for many meat purchases, and enjoy the direct-to-consumer way of eating. Experience the taste of healthy, natural meat available for you to purchase directly from the farm! Start eating right tonight!

Black Diamond Beef Co offers a wide selection of all-natural grass-fed grass-finished, humanely raised and processed. No antibiotics, GMO's, hormones, fillers, chemical additives, or bi-products. Wild-caught fish, strait from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

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